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Something is boiling in the pot
08 Apr 2023, 09:45
Professor Jokerstein is creating a mysterious new creature
Something is boiling in the pot
The Wedding period is approaching, and our mascot Joker has also decided to get involved by creating a Custom.
However, the result was not the best, not having little hands, Professor Jokerstein assembled a Custom by collecting pieces from Funko, and we assure you that the result was nothing short of monstrous.
It wasn't easy, but we had to explain to the sweet Joker that every figure in Popsplanet has its role, and luckily we managed to make him give up the idea of becoming a craftsman.
But now we need to clean up the mess that rascal Joker has created.
Help us find out which POP! the pieces with which Joker built his monster have been stolen, and if I guess EVERYONE involved you will win a fantastic Custom (luckily for you made by a true Artisan of the team).
Participating in our contest is simple:
  • You can indicate your preferences by replying to posts and Stories on our Social channels ( Facebook - Instagram - Tik Tok ).
  • Each user has one attempt per day for each Social, so by following all our channels, each user will have 3 chances per day ( not bad ).
  • The prize will be awarded to a single user, the first to indicate ALL the subjects that make up the monster-puzzle.
  • As users identify the subjects involved, our puzzle will be discovered, but in order to win, the entire set of characters used must ALWAYS be indicated in the message/comment.
  • The winner who will be announced via our social networks and on this dedicated page will have 30 days to get in touch with our team to whom he must indicate an email address registered on our site.
  • The registration must have been made before the announcement of the winner, in this way only those who are really friends with Joker will be able to enjoy the coveted prize
  • Tag a friend, and invite him to play, the more we are, the more fun it will be
So no more chews, sharpen your eyesight and above all your ingenuity because all the pieces used have a common denominator :P
May the best man win!
The competition will end on 07/31/2023, if by this date no user has guessed the pieces that make up the monster, the competition will be considered void and the prize will be donated in croquettes to Professor Jokerstein
VALUE OF THE PRIZE €149.90 (Custom Basic Product)
Here is the solution of our "Monstrous Contest":
Head: THE THING #560
Torso: Michonne's Pet #37
Right Hand: Creature From Black Lagon #116
Neck: Frankenstein #607
Left Hand: Demogorgon #428
Legs: Loki Mech Strike #992
Even though the game is over, there is still a chance to win! Since there was no winner, we decided to give EVERYONE a second chance!
Comment on the post on our social profiles (Facebook & Instagram) indicating how many pieces you have guessed and you could be the proud owner of a Funko Mystery Box containing a POP! monstrous.
Anyone who comments will have a chance to win, so enter and take home your prize!
You never know what might be cooking next time...