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Box Conditions

Here is an intuitive guide useful for recognizing the status of the products in our shops (Physical and Online)
* Note: For the sake of clarity, we consider MINT all products that most collectors consider as such.
If you are a true "obsessed", do not hesitate to contact us to request information on the products you are interested in, one of our Umpa Lumpa will be happy to send you the photos of the requested product (s) via WhatsApp.
If during the shipping phase our staff should find substantial differences in the conditions of the product compared to what is reported on the site, it will be our responsibility to notify the customer before processing the order.
NB Our shipments are carefully protected thus managing to overcome even the most clumsy transports.
The delivery of the available products is expected within 48 hours of sending.
The box is in excellent condition. Negligible defects possible but not frequent.
NEAR MINT Save-10%
The box is in good general condition, small defects that are not evident but present, such as slight creases in the paper, or very light folds in places that are not very visible.
NO MINT Save-20%
The box may have one or more of the following defects: moderate wear of the base or display case, slight dents, wrinkles, small tears and minor creases.
DAMAGED Save-33%
The box has crushing, macroscopic dents and / or large tears present, possible neckline of the showcase, seriously damaged corners etc.
OUT OF BOX Save-40%
Product without packaging and / or internal blister